The Mariners Cricket Club (MCC) was founded in 2005 by cricket enthusiasts belonging to the thriving and ever-growing Mariners Community in the little red dot aka Singapore. 

Since then, for the last 11 years MCC has expanded its reach beyond cricket into football and golf. We have grown from participating in tournaments, to hosting them. While focusing on sports, we acknowledge the people behind our teams and believe in including our families in many social events held throughout the year, culminating in a grand celebration of our sporting year at the annual Mariners Night Dhamaka. 

The MCC invites interest and membership from people belonging to the Mariners Community, interested in participating in the following sports:


Singapore Cricket Association League (SCA League)

In the 2016 season, MCC won Division 2 of the SCA League, to be promoted along with Div 4 and Div 5 moving up to Div 1, Div 3 and Div 4 respectively. 

MCC has teams representing us at the following divisions of the SCA League in 2017:



Division 1


Division 3


Division 4


Division 6 (A)

Amit Chaudary

Division 6 (B)

Anuj Sahai

Tournament Participation

We do not restrict our participation to just the SCA League, but also participate in many private tournaments throughout the year including National Day Sixes, Yorker Premier League and Singapore Pro30. 

Hosting Tournaments

Mariners Premier League (MPL)

Mariners Junior Cup

We also believe in nurturing young talent, and therefore hold the Mariners Junior Cup every year along with the MPL. The junior competition is run concurrently with the MPL, whereby they also get exposed to the senior competition.


Golf is our first social sporting event of the year in ‘The Mariners Golf Tournament’. We encourage all our members to take part in the tournament and get involved in golfing activities. We hope to grow our golf section in the future.


We have two (2) teams Mariners XI FC & Mariners 2 FC representing our club in the ESPNZ Soccer Singapore League.

Mariners registered itself as a football club in 2011, and started off playing in division 4. Since then we have gone on to gain successive promotions and have now cemented our place in Division 1 of the competition.

In a true symbol of playing with Respect, both our footballs teams were awarded the Fair Play Trophy in Division 1 and Division 6 respectively in 2015.

What started as a social commitment has evolved into something bigger than any of us could ever have imagined. MCC can proudly boast two competitive football teams and an annual football tournament‘Mariners TurboSolutions Soccer Cup’.

Our dream is to have Mariners XI FC crowned division 1 champions and we are committed to achieving this goal in the near future.

The ‘Mariners TurboSolutions Soccer Cup’ is played in April-May every year, where we have upwards of 400 mariners playing football on one day. The tournament like the MPL is only getting bigger and better each year.