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We promote the social, physical, intellectual, cultural and general welfare of members through the game of Cricket.

Highlight of the Week

Mariners’ NiteDhamaka 2017

Mariners NiteDhamaka’s 9th edition was held at the Flower Field Hall, Gardens By the Bay and it truly is a beautiful venue befitting our annual night of celebrations.
Mariners Nite while initially starting off as merely a celebration of the years achievements of the club in the Singapore Cricket League, has grown arms and legs and turned into something completely different.
We also take the opportunity on this occasion to launch are annual Magazine, featuring Industry news, Technical articles, Advertisements from our sponsors, member art contributions, and much more.



Vinod Kumar

Project Manager

we are releasing new features to our customers on a weekly basis, and needed a way to notify our customers in real-time as we deployed them to our app. We use WebEngage's notification tool, and target the notifications based on cookies that we set in our application to reach a desired subset of our users. When we have questions about how much customers value our features, we use WebEngage's survey tool to gather input, and refine recent releases.

We could not be happier with our decision to use WebEngage, and strongly recommend it to anyone else needing a more effective way to communicate directly with customers.

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Mariners' Nite Dhamaka 2017 Date 09/09/2017 New!

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